SAP Cloud Platform Services Market: Pin-Point Analysis For Changing Competitive Dynamics

Top 4 Vendors Account for Over 30% Share of the SAP Cloud Platform Services Market; Strong Regional Presence Being the Benefactor

Top IT-tech companies continue to maintain their status quo as leading vendors of SAP cloud platform services. Top 4 companies account for a significant revenue share apropos distribution of SAP cloud platform services. Vendors including SAP SE, Accenture Plc, Infosys Limited and IBM Corporation collectively for over 30 percent of the SAP cloud platform services market owing to their huge distribution infrastructure and geographical reach in the cloud services marketplace.

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Tier 1 vendors in the SAP cloud platform services market have been focusing on Asia Pacific region on the back of grabbing potential opportunities with significant growth across various industries including BFSI, consumer goods, IT & telecom and manufacturing, to name a few.

Strong presence of these companies along with their alliances in the Asia Pacific is likely to provide significant opportunities for sales of SAP cloud platform services. For instance, recently, Infosys Limited announced its expansion plans in Asia Pacific by initiating a joint venture with Temasek – a Singapore based company. This joint venture can facilitate expansion of IBM in Southeast Asia in the software services marketplace, in turn adding another sales funnel to the SAP cloud platform services portfolio.

Likewise, IBM Corporation continues to expand its cloud footprint across Sydney and Tokyo in Asia Pacific and other regions including UK, Germany, Dallas, Washington DC and Texas. Multi-zone cluster strategy of key vendors in the SAP cloud platform services is likely to augment the sales of SAP cloud platform services.

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Trending SAP HANA to Expand Usability of SAP Cloud Platform Services across Additional Application Services

Intelligence cloud innovation, the SAP HANA technology by SAP SE, has transformed the SAP cloud platform services marketplace by facilitating in-memory analytics, and next generation AI driven automation, consequently providing actionable insights and digital edge to businesses. The three-fold benefits of SAP HANA have significantly influenced its demand, in turn paving new pathways for SAP cloud platform services.

  • Instant Value Delivery (Adoption of latest innovations, facilitates faster deployment and ROI)
  • Business Impact (global business support, facilitates enterprise-scale digital transformation and focuses on customer satisfaction and business outcome)
  • Intelligent Enterprise (predictive analysis, IoT support and automation via machine learning and AI)

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