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Market Outlook

Aroma concentrates are obtained by separation process of aromatic compounds from various fruits, flowers, spices, nuts and others. The separation method involves distillation, sieving, enfleurage, solvent extraction and others. Synthetic or artificial aroma concentrates are made through chemical reactions which have odors as per their molecular structures. Synthetic aroma concentrates are less costly, but due to changing the perception of consumers and is increasing demand for use of natural and organic ingredients. Aroma concentrate is widely used for aromatherapy, manufacturing of air fresheners, scented candles and others. Aroma concentrates are also useful for manufacturing of various hair care, skin care and personal care products. Aroma concentrates are increasing its demand in the manufacturing of e-juice or e-liquids which are widely used for vaping in the electronic cigarette or other similar devices.

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Increase in Trends for Using Aroma concentrate

New innovative products are introduced especially in cosmetics, skin care, personal care, toiletries and others is driving the market for aroma concentrate globally. With a rise in population, knowledge, increasing urbanization, changing habits and increasing interest in luxurious lifestyle with shifting trends is driving the market of aroma concentrate. Scented sachets, room sprayers, scented candles are increasing their use to create ambiance and relieve stress. These are available in various fragrances like vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, apple, cinnamon, jasmine, sandal and many others. The increasing trend of organic scented candles and customizing the desired flavors are expected to surge the market of aroma concentrate. An e-cigarette is in the trend which uses e-juice or e-liquids for inhaling and exhaling of vapors which majorly uses aroma concentrates. The practice for aromatherapy using various scents, extracts, essential oils and other is gaining popularity. Aromatherapy is used to treat various diseases and conditions such as burns, skin rashes, eczema, acne, cold and others. It is also used to enhance mood, pain relief, relaxation and sleep. The rising use of various aromatherapy products is expected to increase the market for aroma concentrate.

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Aroma Concentrate Market: Key Players

The key market players operating in aroma concentrate market are Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd., Kanegrade Ltd., Givaudan SA, Foshan Sennice aromatic factory Ltd., Procimart S.A. Fermenich International SA, Frutarom Industries Ltd., Symrise AG, Frutarom Industries Ltd., and Hindustan Mint & Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. As there is increase in demand of scented products, a lot of regional players are expected to enter in the market and is expected to make the market more competitive, resulting in scale up of aroma concentrate market over the forecast period.

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Aroma Concentrate Market Opportunities

The developing practice of aromatherapy at home is trending and is expected to increase the market for aroma concentrates. The manufacturers are expected to come up with new and varied fragrances in the aroma concentrate market. People are shifting from conventional therapeutics to use of natural ingredients, essential oils for treatments, for example, rosemary oil is useful for treating headaches, cold and cough. The benefits of natural products for several health conditions are altering the preference of buyers, which in turn is expected to increase the market the market for aroma concentrate. DIY methods for personal care products and other decoration items are trending which uses various aromatic compounds for preparations, the manufacturers are expected to come up with more innovative fragrances to catch this market. The manufacturers of various cosmetics products are likely to increase the usage of aroma concentrates due to their natural fragrances and its benefits. The manufacturers of various decorative items are coming up with more creative items and are expected to boost the market of aroma concentrate.

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