Laminating Base Paper Market Pegged for Robust Expansion During 2018 – 2028

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The laminating base paper is one of the crucial material for the production of aluminum laminated paper which is used as a primary packaging wrap for chocolates and other food items. Sachets & pouches is another major application of laminating base paper. Laminating base paper not only provides strength to the aluminum laminated paper but also provide a smooth surface to provide ease in printing. Direct contact of food products with chemically treated paper is not desirable as it might cause health issues to the end-consumers. Thus, laminating base paper is coated from at least one side with aluminum which makes the paper suitable for food packaging applications. As laminating base paper is primarily used for food packaging applications, huge and further expanding food packaging industry is expected to act as the primary driver for the laminating base paper market globally.

Global Laminating Base Paper Market Dynamics

The negative impact of plastic packaging affecting the environment globally has provoked the government to make strict regulations on the usage of plastic materials. This was attributed to the shift of the packaging industry towards sustainable packaging solutions. Laminating base paper provides an eco-friendly packaging solution for food products as it is primarily composed of aluminum and paper materials which are biodegradable. Also, to add to the sustainability achieved with laminating base paper, post-consumer recycled fiber is incorporated for production of laminating base paper.

Moreover, the aluminum material added to the laminating base paper provides high barrier protection to the primary product from moisture and atmospheric gases. To ensure aesthetic look to the metalized paper, laminating base paper is also provided with both sides coated and printed. The preference for laminating base paper added between two layers of aluminum is high rather than using thick aluminum sheet due to the high strength achieved with the use of laminating base paper with around 100 times thin layer of aluminum as compared to an average aluminum foil.

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North America, Western Europe, and the Asia Pacific are the largest market for packaged food products, including confectionary food products. Food packaging demand is significantly high in the above-mentioned geographies which is projected to drive the market for laminating base paper market in the regions. The manufacturing of laminating base paper is estimated to be significantly high in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region, while the demand for laminating base paper is relatively less and thus, a large volume of laminating base paper is exported to the European countries for production of metalized paper for food packaging.

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