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As cannabis is getting gradually legalized across the US, doors are opening wide for investors and businesses to expand in the pot space, with companies scrambling to capitalize on surging marijuana demand with new lines of hemp-infused products.  Transparency Market Research (TMR) compiled a study on ‘Legalized Cannabis Market’, which, according to the study, is witnessing colossal changes. Several industries have noticed the ravenous appetite of consumers that exists inside the cannabis culture, and thus, it is highly likely that the prospects remain promising for legalized cannabis manufacturers. Nevertheless, the cannabis economy is riddled with several hindrances to success, and tapping into this lucrative landscape is not going to be an easy task.

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The complex yet multi-faceted and purposeful nature of legalized cannabis has enabled myriad segments of the consumer products industry to exploit its opportune potential. The surge in the demand for legitimate marijuana is evident, with the value of legalized cannabis market in 2018 estimated at nearly US$ 20.0 Bn, according to the study. The legalized cannabis market is projected to grow over 4X between 2018 and 2027. Established companies in every consumer industry are taking a close peek into methods and formulations for infusing THC, CBD, or both in an array of products.

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The legalized cannabis industry is closing in on a more sophisticated customer base that seeks variety in products with different potency levels, effects, and prices. Increasing demand for luxury skincare products, such as edibles, and organic options, continues to create opportunities in both wellness-focused CBD variants and larger-than-ever adult-use space. In response to these opportunities, the manufacturers in legalized cannabis market focusing more on branding activities. Meanwhile, as the market grows vis-a-vis product diversity, legalized cannabis will gain a notable traction alongside demand from enthusiasts for various flavored products. Terpenes are one of the key ingredients of legalized cannabis, which have gained utter popularity in the recent past, with their ability to enhance the effect of ‘high’, and give weed an appealing flavor and essence.

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Growing awareness pertaining to convenience of ingestion modes and doses of legalized cannabis is complementing the infiltration of low-dose products and variants other than flower in the legalized cannabis landscape. Significant number of ready-to-consume edibles, beverages and vapes are likely to show up for both recreational and medicinal applications of legalized cannabis in the upcoming years, with a specific focus on highly versatile and potent distillate oils.

The CBD-dominant legalized cannabis infused products are witnessing significant traction, with demand from canna-curious novice users, who want discreet, convenient, and controlled dose of legalized cannabis. Growing interest of first-time consumers in discreet forms of consumption, and their increased inclination towards edible products first before jumping to inhalableswill continue to drive demand for CBD-based legalized cannabis infused drinks. Following the legalization of marijuana in Canada, beverage companies have increased the production of legalized cannabis infused drinks in different flavors, to tap growing demand from enthusiasts. Technological advancements and developments in processing and production processes are key strategies adopted by leaders in the legalized cannabis landscape to maintain a competitive edge.

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