How to increase gluteal muscles with strength training

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What recommendations should be followed for the growth of this muscle group. What exercises are best suited, their technique.

A well-pumped buttock muscle gives the figure a sexuality, makes it more beautiful and more refined. At the same time, many women and men put up with the flat shape of priests, believing that everything depends on genetics. In fact, making the buttocks more real. All that is required is to know a series of exercises and perform them regularly.


How important is genetics?

Looking at the same Brazilian women with rounded buttocks, the idea immediately arises of the role of natural predisposition in shaping the body. Indeed, genetics is very important, but it only simplifies the process of achieving the goal. As practice shows, beautiful buttocks are not a “forbidden fruit” for women from the CIS, but a quite realizable task.

Experts say that one of the main rules of success is a competent choice of load and frequency of training. Beginners are often confident that a large number of repetitions and minimal weight can produce results. In fact, this is not so. The gluteal muscles can be done more in a short time, if you use a system of exercises with moderate weights and the right choice of exercises.

“Three whales” for the study of beautiful priests

To pump your buttocks, be sure to add the following exercises to the training program:

  1. Full squats. In the field of bodybuilding, one can often hear that it is necessary to lower only before reaching a parallel position. But this is not so. If you go to the gyms of Brazil and look at the training of local girls, then you will see the opposite approach. As practice shows, it is advisable to squat almost to the floor. If you limit the range, then making the gluteal muscles will become more difficult. Therefore, if you are a happy owner of healthy knees, then do full squats.
    First you need to use an empty bar (as a warm-up). Subsequently, load the barbell with a weight sufficient to maximize the development of the muscle group. To remove part of the load from the vertebra, you can perform exercises on the Smith simulator. The total number of repetitions in one set is 9-10, the number of sets is 4-5.
  2. Split squats. This type of exercise helps to round the buttocks and work out the thigh muscles. You can perform exercises with what is at hand – dumbbells or a barbell. Here, the stride width and the deepest squat play a special role. During squats, you need to pay attention to the biceps of the femur. If the training takes place in the gym, then you can do several approaches in the Smith simulator. This is a great chance to diversify the training program and enhance the effect.
  3. Approach to the platform. If you need beautiful buttocks in the region, then entering the platform is simply obliged to become part of the training. The main feature of this exercise is the step. The higher the rise, the greater the load on the gluteal muscle. At the initial stage, you can work without weights, but over time it is worth taking a barbell or dumbbell. Performing such an exercise, you can direct the main effort to burning excess calories.



Alternative methods

In general, there are several ways to make the buttocks more slender and convex. Some of them are effective alone, but there are those that give results only in combination. Let’s look at them:

  1. Special diets. The easiest method is to adjust your diet. This is not about losing weight, but, on the contrary, about gaining mass. To “fill” the ass with volume, you need to eat 2-3 times a day with the addition of periodic snacks. The diet should be pork, sources of fast carbohydrates (sweets), chicken and others. Be sure to drink more fluids. The disadvantage of this method is that the buttocks receive volume by increasing fat. At the same time, not only the priest is growing, but also other problem areas.
  2. Exercise is a more effective way that is suitable for purposeful and able-bodied people. The right choice of exercises and regular training allow you to work out the buttocks and make them really embossed. Some of the exercises we have already discussed above.
  3. Stepper training. If there is no desire to implement a complex training program, then you can go on a simpler way – to engage in the said simulator. A feature of the stepper is the imitation of staircase movements. At the same time, it is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of this equipment – you can simply exclude the elevator from your life and walk up the stairs. If you live, for example, on the 7-8th floor, then daily walks on the steps will surely give results.
  4. For the most lazy and wealthy, the most radical way to change their figure was invented – gluteoplasty. A feature of this method is the introduction of special silicone implants under the buttocks, which can significantly increase their volume. At the same time, do not forget that this procedure has a number of contraindications, for example, endocrine system disorders, diabetes and others.


Home Exercises

It is believed that pumping the buttocks and achieving the ideal shape is possible only on special simulators. No matter how. Build the gluteal muscles of the desired shape can be at home. All that is required is to complete a few simple exercises:

  1. Walking on the “fifth point”. This technique is actively used in many dance studios in the world. Its feature is simplicity and maximum efficiency. To perform, take a position on the floor, straighten your back and bring your legs close to each other. When viewed from the side, the body needs to form an ideal right angle. After, start moving forward from this position – first one or two meters forward, and then back. Feet can be slightly extended while moving. To get the maximum effect, such a walk should take about 10-15 minutes daily. In just a couple of weeks, the gluteal muscles will become firm and get the perfect shape.
  2. Swing around. Take a standard position – stand straight. Take a chair with a back and use it as a palm rest. Now, hold on to the piece of furniture with one hand, and with your other foot (from the opposite side), start lifting upwards. In this case, it is forbidden to tilt the torso and bend the knee. The number of repetitions on each of the legs is 25-27.
  3. Mahi forward. A feature of this exercise is the ability to strengthen not only the gluteal part, but also the area around the knees. In this case, the initial position is similar to that described above. The only difference is that you need to throw your legs forward.
  4. Lunges on the sides and back are one of the most popular exercises for working out the gluteal muscles.
  5. Jump rope. We must not forget about such an effective exercise as jumping rope. The hips and gluteal muscles are well worked out here. With active training, muscles tone up, fat deposits are eliminated. The optimal number of approaches is 3-5.



Achieving perfect buttock shape is not as difficult as it might seem. All that is required of you is a little perseverance, as well as a regular load on the desired muscle group. Do not forget about the importance of proper nutrition, because the presence of cellulite and fatty deposits will clearly not decorate the figure.

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