Fiber Optic Gyroscope Market: Overview Of Key Market Forces Propelling And Restraining Market Growth

Tier-1 Companies Account for Over 50% Market Revenue Share

Majority share of the fiber optic gyroscope market, over 50%, will remain collectively hinged by Tier 1 companies, while Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies witness challenges apropos of capital investment for scaling up their business in the fiber optic gyroscope market. Nature of the fiber optic gyroscope market continues to remain moderately concentrated, and characterized by oligopolistic competition. The need for high initial investment remains a major barrier to entry in the fiber optic gyroscope market, which underpins consolidation of the market among few leading players.

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Tier 1 market players will continue to witness promising growth prospects, with their patented fiber optic gyroscope technologies, which help them to introduce advanced fiber optic gyroscopes that feature improved functionality, reliability and durability. Extensive adoption of fiber optic gyroscope in complex application entails demand for high-end product offerings from end-users, which further implies products of Tier 1 players with technological and capital vigor to remain sought-after.

Fiber Optic Gyroscope Sales to Ride Coattails of Ballooning Defense Budgets Worldwide

The European Commission allocated over €90 million for the European Defense Fund from the EU budget for 2017-19, which increased up to €13 billion for the span of 2021-2027. Likewise for the U.S., the budget for defense increased from around US$ 606 billion in 2017 to US$ 639.1 billion in a year, and the President’s FY2019 budget request for national defense includes nearly US$ 726 billion. Widespread use of fiber optic gyroscopes in military applications, such as missiles flight control, ground detection, and dynamic Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking, has made defense industry to remain one of the biggest end-user of fiber optic gyroscope. This coupled with surging investments in the defense sector, as that in the U.S. and Europe, will continue to proliferate demand for fiber optic gyroscope.

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Miniaturization – An Ongoing Trend in the Fiber Optic Gyroscope Development

Miniaturized fiber optic gyroscopes offer highly effective integration in high-end industrial applications. Key industry experts apropos of fiber optic gyroscope are adopting innovative technologies to leverage the structural advantages associated with the compactness and size of fiber optic gyroscopes. Research efforts, such as those by researchers from Micro-Satellite Research Center, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zhejiang University, focused toward discovering novel methods for designing miniaturized fiber optic gyroscopes with greater efficiency, to offset functionality related challenges linked with reducing size of these gyroscopes, are primary examples of such innovative developmental activities.

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Relative Intensity Noise Remains a Key Challenge in Use of Fiber Optic Gyroscopes

Higher decibels of measurement noise associated with fiber optic gyroscopes continue to remain a key confinement to their efficiency in high-end applications. Fiber optic gyroscopes, commonly used in inertial guidance systems, are associated with high relative intensity noise (RIN), and exhibit poor operational efficiency, thereby impeding their penetration into the marketplace.. As the noise level has become one of the most important performance parameter of fiber optic gyroscopes for end-users, it is forcing manufacturers to include high-cost noise reduction systems for eliminating noise from various sources in fiber optic gyroscopes. Use of fiber ring resonator (FRR) to reduce relative intensity noise is one such advancement in the fiber optic cable market.

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