Dual Component Packaging Machines Market: Region Wise Analysis of Top Players in Market by its Types and Application 2016 – 2024

Packaging can be said as the face of a product, communicating with the consumers, in absence of the marketers. The idea of packaging, as a means of carriage, got changed with innovation and technology.  With the advent of technology, packaging industry came up with various processes and forms of packaging to meet the modern requirements. The introduction of machines over human labor to make packaging easier, safer, faster, effective and efficient, was one unmatched step, in the history of industrialization. Among many machines utilized in packaging, dual component packaging machines holds an important area in the adhesive, resin and sealant packaging industry.

Dual component packaging machines are of great use in the packaging of consumer goods as well as industrial goods. Modern hi-tech features of packaging such as separate compartments packaging, multiple mixing ratio and accurate dispensing proportion, drive demand among the key manufacturers of adhesives and sealants. Such trends and tripping points, have expanded the scope of dual component packaging machines, driving the demand throughout the forecast period. Moreover, demand from various application sectors including pressure sensitive products, construction, furniture, footwear, electronics and automotive industries is expected to augment the growth of the dual component packaging machines market.

Hugh economic shifts and momentous changes in the global consumption pattern, drive demand for the adhesive, resin and sealant market. This will ultimately result in boosting the sales of dual component packaging machines market, which is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period. In consort with the demand for adhesives in the leather and construction industries is anticipated to fuel the demand for the dual component packaging machines market, globally.

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In terms of geography, the global dual component packaging machines market has been divided in to five key regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa. The global dual component packaging market is expected to register healthy CAGR during the forecast period. Asia-Pacific is anticipated to be the dominant market for dual component packaging market followed by Europe and North America. Factors such as urbanization, increasing standard of living along with an increase in sales of adhesives, resin and sealant, will stimulate the demand for the dual component packaging machines market globally.

Some of the key players in the global dual component packaging market are Adhesive Materials Group, Masterbond, Adhesive dispensing Ltd, Prairie Technology Group Inc., Interplex, Dispense Park Inc., Dispense rite, Henkel, Sulzar Mixpac USA Inc, Master Bond Inc., etc.


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