Blue Prism Technology Services Market: Rising Allocations On analysis And Innovation

Blue Prism Technology Remains Highly Preferred amidst Emergence of Competitive RPA Solutions

Growing adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in back-office processes can be traced to its inception. According to Blue Prism Group Plc., a pioneer of RPA, till the first half of FY2018, over 1,000 organizations have used the platform.

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Amidst the emergence of several new competitive technologies in the RPA market, adoption rate of the Blue Prism technology is on the rise. Blue Prism’s consistent development in terms of ecosystem expansion, continued product differentiation and talent acquisition are driving new users to the platform. Increasing success stories of faster deployment and increased return on investment are also driving the adoption among key end-users.

Initially limited to automation of repetitive processes in the back-office, integration of AI and cognitive technologies in the Blue Prism Technology are delivering next-generation RPA solutions to clients, in turn, strengthening the presence in the RPA market.

Leading Blue Prism Technology Service Vendors Establish Strategic Alliances to Accelerate Growth

RPA solutions witness huge demand among global enterprises across industries, which is making a significant impact on the vital business strategies of Blue Prism technology service vendors. A palpable shift towards introducing RPA solutions is mainly attributed to growing awareness among end-users about extraordinary benefits of adopting RPA solutions. Leading players in the Blue Prism technology services market are collaborating with other vendors to leverage the growing demand for advanced RPA solutions, accelerate businesses and scale rapidly in the Blue Prism technology services market.

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Blue Prism Group Plc., a UK based Blue Prism technology service provider, has collaborated with market leaders such as Accenture Plc., Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, and Avanade Inc., to introduce cutting-edge RPA tools by implementing Blue Prism technology services. The Blue Prism technology service company has also collaborated with Google Cloud to introduce RPA tools with pre-built integrations to Google Cloud Storage services such as BigQuery and Cloud ML Engine.

Needs for RPA Solutions Boost Adoption of Blue Prism Technology Services

As a mounting number of end-user businesses coupling RPA tools that are integrated with AI and cognitive services, players in the Blue Prism services are focusing on targeting specific end-user industries to envisage rapid growth. Addressing the industry-specific end-user requirements while developing various Blue Prism technology services is emerging as a popular trend in the Blue Prism technology services market.

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Recently, the University of Manchester partnered with a Blue Prism Group Plc. to launch Blue Prism’s Global Academia Program that uses Blue Prism technology services to help computer science students to build RPA projects at global scale. Furthermore, growing needs for RPA solutions in the banking and finance sector is encouraging companies, such as Accenture plc., to develop Blue Prism technology services suiting end-user needs for digital finance applications.

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