Air Pillow Market Leading players envisioned by the analysts forecast 2017-2025

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An air pillow provides a reliable and durable block of cushioning material for light- to medium-weight products. The air pillow can be deflated and inflated to a compact size with the ease according to the preference of the user. Air pillows can provide superior protection and offer significant benefits in terms of labor productivity, material usage, and shipping costs in an affordable and quick way. Furthermore, they also prevent the items being transported from breaking or damage during transit. Air pillows provide the protection that is needed for the safety of any product and ensure that every order reaches on time. The lightweight of an air pillow reduces the cost of shipping, and since the air pillow or cushion is produced on demand, it needs minimal storage space. Air pillows can be anatomically shaped to provide extra protection to the products.

Air pillows are the usual choice for protecting any product during shipping, as they are more efficient, more environmentally-friendly, and economical as compared to their alternatives. Air pillows are very easy to pack around the product for comprehensive protection, which is anticipated to increase the entire packing line speed. They have great impact-resistance qualities. Air pillows can be customized according to the product requirement, which ultimately helps in cutting down on storage space. The film blend used for air pillows is formulated specifically for the good performance optimum packing line. This blend is a mix of low-density and medium-density polythene, which offers considerable impact strength and puncture resistance. Companies such as Airfil Protective Packaging Ltd make air pillows, from 100% recyclable polythene.

Various characteristics of air pillows such as recyclability, cost-effectiveness, size optimization, and optimum product protection are expected to boost the air pillow market. Air pillows offer optimum protection for any product, as compared to other orthodox packaging alternatives. Several air pillow manufacturers produce environmentally- friendly pillows, which are made by using biodegradable material such as potato and corn starch that is collected from the waste generated during the production of food.

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The entire volume of the filled air pillows shrinks to just 1% of the initial size during disposal due to these biodegradable materials. Air pillows follow the on-demand system of packaging that allows cutting down on storage space. Furthermore, it also saves shipping and warehousing costs by enabling large orders to fit on a single truck, and reduce the packing materials required. Additionally, on-demand inflatable air pillow packaging emblazoned with logos, custom messages, and images provides double protection for the items that are present inside. This, in turn, is estimated to help the company brand to reach new heights and create a retail feel in every delivery by elevating the customer’s unboxing experience.

The air pillow market can be segmented based on application, product type, and region. In terms of application, the air pillow market can be segmented into food & beverage, packaging, transportation, and others. Furthermore, based on product type, the market can be segregated into pre-inflated, exped air pillows, and others.

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In terms of region, the air pillow market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America and Europe are estimated to lead the global market due to the presence of prominent players in these regions. However, Asia Pacific is expected to expand at a significant pace due to the increasing demand for air pillows across the packaging industry in emerging economies such as China, India, and Japan.

Key players operating in the air pillow market are Storopack, High-Tech international, Smurfit Kappa Group, Airfil Protective Packaging Ltd, Airworks, Intertape Polymer Group, Industrial Packaging Corporation, Shippers Supply Inc., and Sealed Air.

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